Pro-Life Doctor Suspended 5 Years For Saying Abortion Kills A Human Being Can Finally Practice Medicine

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Pro-Life Doctor Suspended 5 Years for Saying Abortion Kills a Human Being Can Finally Practice Medicine –

A pro-life medical doctor in South Africa finally may begin practicing again, five years after being suspended for telling a pregnant patient that an abortion kills a human being. Last week, the Health Professions Council of South Africa lifted its suspension of Dr. Jacques De Vos, a young pro-life doctor who is in a wheelchair, The […]

European Parliament Will Vote on Pressuring All Nations to Kill Babies in Abortions Up to Birth –

The European Parliament may vote soon on a document encouraging countries to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions without restriction and to force doctors and nurses to participate. The pro-abortion resolution, introduced by Croatian politician Predrag Fred Matić, is a statement, not enforceable legislation, but it would put even more pressure on countries […]

41 Quotes From Medical Textbooks Prove Human Life Begins at Conception –

Here is a list of 41 quotes from medical experts and medical textbooks that prove human life begins at conception/fertilization. “The life cycle of mammals begins when a sperm enters an egg.” Okada et al., A role for the elongator complex in zygotic paternal genome demethylation, NATURE 463:554 (Jan.