A scary look at America’s possible future under a Biden presidency

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A scary look at America’s possible future under a Biden presidency

September 29, 2020 ( American Thinker) – The principle of limited government is at the heart of the American system. The Founders believed that tyranny grows in proportion to power, threatening individual liberty. History is littered with innumerable examples of “absolute Despotism,” to use the words of the Declaration of Independence, in which government exercised its power against the people rather than for the people.

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How Progressives are Dismantling America One Plank at a Time Though Progressivism has become the dominant philosophy of liberal politics, few Americans understand its principles and goals. They see individual issues, but are unable to discern how these pieces connect together. The same might be said of America’s founding principles, which are fast fading from our collective consciousness.

Progressivism: What’s the End Game?

A friend asked me the other day, What are Progressives trying to achieve? The short answer is, “a just society.” But what does that mean? Here is a bird’s eye view of the Progressive agenda and its consequences. 1. Economic Justice: Redistribution of wealth to alleviate systemic poverty and income inequality.