Arkansas and South Carolina are Standing for Life

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Arkansas and South Carolina are Standing for Life | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Feb. 23

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February 23, 2021

Arkansas and South Carolina are Standing for Life The fact that we are having to fight for the life of unborn babies is in and of itself mind-numbing. Yet, America has been making significant strides for life over the last few years.

The Moral Outcry | Sign The Petition. End Abortion.

This petition will serve as a symbol of that moral outcry. It will wake up the nation and galvanize the national conscience to end the scourge of abortion in America. It will declare that as a people, we do not accept the compromise that leads to the unnecessary death of millions of innocent babies.

Allan Parker

Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation, was lead counsel for Norma McCorvey, formerly “” of Roe v. Wade, from 2000 to 2012, and Sandra Cano, the “” of Doe v. Bolton, until 2014 in their efforts to overturn the two landmark cases that brought legalized abortion on demand to America.

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This site is maintained by the Arkansas Bureau of Legislative Research, Information Systems Dept., and is the official website of the Arkansas General Assembly.

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ARGIRLSLEAD #ARGIRLSLEAD is a movement started by women serving in the Arkansas House. Each of them have a unique story to share about their journey on the road to their current leadership position. Kids In The House Who says civics can’t be fun?


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