Catholic Bishop Rejects Coronavirus Vaccine Using Aborted Baby Parts: I Will Not Kill Children to Live

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Catholic Bishop Rejects Coronavirus Vaccine Using Aborted Baby Parts: I Will Not Kill Children to Live

Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas has not been timid about speaking out against the evils of abortion and those who support it. In a letter Thursday, Strickland urged people to stand strong against the “evil practice” of using aborted baby body parts to develop vaccines, according to the Church Militant.

Some Scientists are Making Coronavirus Vaccines Using Cells From Aborted Babies

The nation’s Catholic bishops have sent the FDA a letter urging the governmental agency to focus on producing a coronavirus vaccine that is free from moral and ethical concerns surrounding the use of aborted baby parts.

Charlotte Lozier Institute Responds to Claim that Aborted Baby Parts Are Needed to Develop COVID-19 Treatment

Washington, D.C. – In response to news reports claiming that potential treatments for coronavirus will not be discovered unless the body parts of aborted children are used in experiments, the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) issued the following comment: “Those who advocate experimentation using body parts harvested from aborted children are shamelessly exploiting the coronavirus pandemic, playing on people’s fears at a vulnerable time so that a select few can continue to use aborted fetal tissue in their research.

Trump Admin Funding Pro-Life Alternatives to Using Aborted Baby Parts for Research

The Trump administration issued a plan Monday to promote ethical alternatives to aborted baby body parts in scientific research. The grants, under the National Institute of Health, will provide $20 million to develop alternatives to “human fetal tissue obtained from elective abortions,” according to the notice published Monday by the U.S.

Researchers Have Used Aborted Baby Parts for Decades, But There’s No Scientific Reason to Do It

The Department of Health and Human Services is considering the future of federally funded research using fetal tissue derived from elective abortions, amid continuing controversy surrounding government contracts for such tissue. Two House subcommittees will hold a hearing Dec. 13 regarding ethical alternatives to fetal tissue research.

Catholic Bishop: “I Would Excommunicate Any Catholic Legislator” Who Voted for Abortions Up to Birth

A Tennessee Catholic bishop said he would excommunicate any Catholic politician who advocated for abortion on demand as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo did last week. Knoxville Bishop Rick Stika said Cuomo’s pro-abortion lobbying is “so hideous and vile” that excommunication is warranted, the AP reports.