CNN Calls Joe Biden a “Practicing Catholic,” But He Would Force Christians to Fund Abortions

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CNN Calls Joe Biden a “Practicing Catholic,” But He Would Force Christians to Fund Abortions

The Daily Caller is questioning CNN after one of its fact checkers called Joe Biden a “practicing Catholic” despite his anti-Catholic pro-abortion stance. The Democratic presidential candidate supports abortions without restriction and wants to force taxpayers to pay for them.

CNN Calls Joe Biden “Very Moderate,” But He Supports Abortions Up to Birth

With Joe Biden taking a hardline position in favor of unlimited abortions, the mainstream media is attempting to downplay Biden’s radical positions and sell him to an American public that doesn’t support killing unborn children.

Joe Biden Promises to Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortions

Abortion activists were livid yesterday that the Supreme Court protected the Little Sisters of the Poor from having to fund abortions. But presidential candidate Joe Biden has some words of reassurance for them. he promises, if elected, that he will force the Catholic nuns to fund abortions.

Joe Biden is Supposedly Catholic But He Hasn’t Condemned Arson and Vandalism of Catholic Churches

The advocacy organization CatholicVote called on 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden Thursday to condemn an onslaught of recent anti-Catholic attacks. CatholicVote said the former vice president should publicly speak out against the attacks, saying that since Biden is both a self-professed and baptized Catholic, he has a responsibility to condemn acts of vandalism and violence against Catholic churches.

Addendum to Hyde @ 40: Analyzing the Impact of the Hyde Amendment

An addendum has been written that provides information about state policy changes regarding taxpayer funding of abortion since 2016. This addendum also includes revised calculations of the number of lives saved by the Hyde Amendment.

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