Elizabeth Warren Endorses Joe Biden: Fake Indian Backs Fake Catholic

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Elizabeth Warren Endorses Joe Biden: Fake Indian Backs Fake Catholic

Although Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race a month ago, she waited until after Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama both endorsed Joe Biden before putting her own name on comments backing the former vice president’s bid against President Donald Trump. In so doing, the fake American Indian has backed the fake Catholic.

Joe Biden Claims Pope Francis Gives Him Communion Even Though He’s Pro-Abortion

Joe Biden told PBS News Hour that his support of abortion has not stopped Pope Francis from giving him communion. The Democrat presidential candidate insists that he is a practicing Catholic, even though he advocates for abortion in violation of his faith’s teachings about the sanctity of human life.

Joe Biden Announces New Plan to Force Americans to Fund Abortions Up to Birth

Americans have a better idea about Joe Biden’s abortion agenda after the Democratic presidential candidate unveiled his plans for national health care on Monday. ABC News reports the former vice president’s plan would expand the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, by forcing American taxpayers to pay for abortions, among other things.

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