Interview with End Abortion Now

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Watch the new video from Apologia Studios. This clip is from an important event at the beginning of the year. Jeff Durbin and Luke Pierson interview Rusty Th…

Interview with End Abortion Now

Apologia Church and End Abortion Now just dropped this interview that took place this past February at the Abolish Abortion Now conference in Oklahoma. It covers a lot of territory. It highlights being being birthed into the battle, rescue, abolition, the failures of the pro-life movement, and the call to city, county, and states to Ignore Roe, Establish Justice, and Abolish All Abortion Now.

Babies Are Murdered Here 2 – End Abortion Now

After 40 years millions of dollars and multinational pro life political lobbies abortion is still alive and well in our country. Why are babies still murdered here?

I won’t stand for the murder of children anymore. Will you?

3,000 children are murdered every single day in America, as the demand for legal abortions skyrocket. But together we can END the murdering of innocent children in the womb, and END abortion on a state level. Join me:

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