It’s Time for Churches to Reopen and Democrat Governors to Stop Locking Them Down

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It’s Time for Churches to Reopen and Democrat Governors to Stop Locking Them Down

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, churches have had to make difficult decisions. Now, as states reopen, church leaders are deciding whether to reopen for public services or continue providing live-streams and smaller, home-based ministry.

Dan Forest, Paris Dennard, Roy Blunt, Rob McCoy, Mat Staver

Today’s show features: Dan Forest, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, on the contrast between what the two parties are offering America, the media’s blackout of the Left’s destructive agenda, and the political motivation behind keeping churches closed; Roy Blunt, U.S.

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We’d love to hear how your church is serving during the coronavirus pandemic. Send us an email at FRC Blog: Open the Doors? The Vast Majority of Churches are Not Defying Government Orders (April 8) New York City, NY – 11 churches are providing virus testing for New York’s low-income neighborhoods hit hardest by COVID-19.

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