No, Pro-Lifers Don’t Have to Adopt to be Pro-Life

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No, Pro-Lifers Don’t Have to Adopt to be Pro-Life

At Students for Life, we hear it all and we’ve seen it all. People have hit us with jump ropes and thrown human excrement at us in front of government buildings, college students dress up as vaginas and protest our displays, students approach us on campus and argue the morality of euthanizing…

Ryan Bomberger – I Am The Resilience Of My Birthmom

Ryan Bomberger, conceived in rape and adopted, brought the house down at the ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Woman’ rally in Alabama. — Students For Life of America – http:/…

Sign The Moral Outcry Petition – Pro-Life Supreme Court

Before his passing, the late Justice Antonin Scalia explained why the U.S. Supreme Court had not yet acted to end Roe v. Wade stating, “I am against abortion. I want to end it! But where is the moral outcry?” This Moral Outcry Petition was designed to serve as a symbol of that moral outcry.