Satanic Temple Files Lawsuit for “Religious Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions

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Satanic Temple Files Lawsuit for “Religious Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions

Texas is a new target of the Satanic Temple and its plans to challenge pro-life laws based on the notion that aborting an unborn baby is a “religious right.” This month, funded, in part, by the abortion of an unborn baby that it raffled off in August, the satanic group filed a lawsuit arguing that Texas informed consent laws violate its members’ religious freedom, The Dallas Observer reports.

Satanic Temple Claims Killing Babies in Abortions is a Protected Religious Ceremony

The Satanic Temple admitted proudly Wednesday that, in their belief system, killing an unborn baby in an abortion is a religious ritual similar to communion or baptism for Christians. “The Satanic Temple is proud to announce its Religious Abortion Ritual, a ceremony rooted in our deeply-held beliefs,” the group said in a video announcement on YouTube.

Satanic Temple Raffles Off Free Abortion to Promote Killing Babies as Religious Rituals

As if slaughtering an unborn baby is some sort of coveted prize, the Satanic Temple is raffling off a free abortion to raise money for its new pro-abortion campaign. CBN News reports the Satanic Temple (TST) launched a campaign to promote its “religious abortion ritual,” which it compares to baptism or communion for Christians.

Court Dismisses Satanists Lawsuit Claiming Pro-Life Laws Saving Babies Violates Their Religious Beliefs

Missouri won another victory for life Tuesday when a federal court rejected a lawsuit from the Satanic Temple challenging the state abortion informed consent law. The AP reports the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal by Satanic Temple member “Judy Doe,” who argued that the state was violating her religious freedom.

WATCH: Satanists Mock Killing of Unborn Children in Bizarre and Grotesque Protest

Pro-life protesters faced a disturbing scene this weekend in Michigan when a group of Satanists arrived to counter-protest wearing baby masks and carrying whips. Citizens for a Pro-Life Society organized a protest outside of the Detroit Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Saturday as part of a larger #ProtestPP movement to expose the abortion giant’s deadly trade of aborting unborn babies and trafficking their body parts.