Seven Christians Arrested for Praying Outside Abortion Center, Trying to Save Babies

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Seven Christians Arrested for Praying Outside Abortion Center, Trying to Save Babies

Seven more pro-life advocates were arrested Monday for peacefully praying near a North Carolina abortion facility. The Greensboro Police Department arrested the Christians as they stood near an abortion facility in Greensboro, praying and offering resources to people going inside, PJ Media reports.

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Pro-life Christians are being persecuted across the United States for trying to save unborn babies from abortion during the coronavirus outbreak. While many state and local governments have issued orders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and save lives, some are allowing abortion facilities to remain open and continue killing unborn babies.

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Although the coronavirus has caused large-scale pro-life gatherings to stop for the time being, pro-life advocates are still praying and helping women outside of abortion centers. They are doing so in part because abortion businesses continue to kill babies – sometimes in defiance of orders to stop doing abortions to conservative medical resources to fight the virus.

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