What are the Vaccine Bill of Rights?

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The “Vaccine Bill of Rights” are bills filled with ideas from America’s Frontline Doctors, a fringe group that pushes conspiracy theories about COVID-19.

Does the “Vaccine Bill of Rights” have to do with a child’s right to get vaccinated and protected and the right for all of us to live free of vaccine preventable diseases?

50-state Update on Pending Legislation Pertaining to Employer-mandated Vaccinations

Under federal guidance, private employers can generally require employees to get vaccinated COVID-19, and private businesses can permit entry and service only to vaccinated individuals, as long as they comply with federal laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion and disability.

STOP Medical Apartheid

Tyrants always divide and conquer. To force submission of the people. Especially against the black community. The newest discrimination is Medical Apartheid. The attempt to force people to take the Covid-19 vaccine against their wishes, disproportionately hurts black people. Powerful people are saying certain races (black people) are incapable of making their own decisions.