Ben Watson: Planned Parenthood is Racist Because it Targets Black Babies in Abortions

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Ben Watson: Planned Parenthood is Racist Because it Targets Black Babies in Abortions

Black pro-life leaders condemned Planned Parenthood’s “hollow” denunciation of Margaret Sanger after Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson distanced the organization from Sanger’s “association with white supremacist groups and eugenics.” Human Coalition vice president Benjamin Watson, a former NFL athlete, said Sunday that Planned Parenthood’s denunciation of their founder rang “hollow” in light of the organization’s current work.

What Margaret Sanger Really Said About Eugenics and Race

Though some allege that her birth-control advocacy was racist, her actual words reveal a more complicated picture.

Planned Parenthood’s Racism Must End – Sign the Letter In Agreement

Planned Parenthood Federation of America National Headquarters Dear Alexis McGill Johnson: We are a diverse coalition of Black leaders fighting for the dignity of all human life. Like you, we feel called to action by America’s collective reckoning with its history of racism and unjust violence against Black lives.

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An Unexpected Pregnancy Became an Unexpected Transformation – Human Coalition

“Nora” had been sitting at the Planned Parenthood clinic for over an hour, anxiously waiting for her name to be called. Today was the day that she was supposed to get it over with. She had been anticipating this day ever since she found out she was pregnant.

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