Chen Guangcheng, Who Exposed Brutal Forced Abortions in China, Will Speak at GOP Convention

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Chen Guangcheng, Who Exposed Brutal Forced Abortions in China, Will Speak at GOP Convention

Chen Guangcheng, the human rights advocate who escaped China after years of human rights abuses against him following his expose of massive forced abortion campaigns,will speak at the Republican convention. With China once again pursuing a brutal campaign of forced abortions against the Uyghur Muslim religious minority, the concern about Chinese human rights atrocities is as salient as ever.

Chinese Hospitals Kill Babies Right After Birth to Push Population Control on Minorities

The evil that is Communist China is increasingly visible for anyone with eyes who want to see. The latest example comes from an obstetrician who formerly worked in hospitals in the Xianjang province of western China, home to the Uyghur Muslim religious minority. It makes for brutal reading.

Shocking Photo Shows Baby Forcibly Aborted in China at 9 Months

The one-child policy in China is coming under fire again and this time because of a shocking image of a baby who was a victim of a forced abortion at nine months of pregnancy submerged in a bucket of blood and water.

Stop Forced Abortion — China’s One Child Policy — Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Reggie Littlejohn exposes the brutal truth behind China’s One Child Policy – that it is enforced through forced abortion and forced sterilization. She also d…

Stop Forced Abortion in China – 4 Minute Video

Watch this short video to learn the truth about “family planning” in China. Then share this video with your friends and take action. The world must know! This entry was posted in abortion, China, China’s One Child Policy, coerced abortion, Forced Abortion, forced sterilization, Human Rights, One Child Policy, reproductive health, reproductive rights, right to choose, Uncategorized, women, women’s rights.

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President Trump Sanctions Communist China After it Forces Women to Have Abortions

President Donald Trump’s administration sanctioned Communist Chinese leaders Thursday after new reports exposed on-going forced abortions and other horrific human rights abuses against minorities in China. The Washington Examiner reports the sanctions against a number of Chinese Communist Party officials come from the Treasury Department and Department of State.