Child’s Development from Fertilization to Birth:

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12 amazing facts that prove the preborn’s humanity in the first trimester

With today’s modern technology and medical information, we have a real-time window into the womb. What happens to babies before birth – all the ways they move, grow, and change – is nothing short of amazing. The first trimester is full of developments that many pregnant mothers may not be aware of.

Fertilization – Baby’s sex is determined, unique DNA is created

22 Days – Heartbeat begins <3

Weeks 4 and 5 – Eyes, lungs, and kidneys form

Weeks 8 and 9  – Baby sucks her thumb

Weeks 9 and 10 – Fingerprints develop

Week 10 – Fingernails form

Week 12 – Reflexes develop, nerves are developing

Week 16 – Heart pumps 25 quarts of blood each day

Week 20 – The baby can feel pain

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