Former Abortionist is Now Pro-Life: “I Had an Encounter With Christ”

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Former Abortionist is Now Pro-Life: “I Had an Encounter With Christ”

A former abortionist who quit after looking at a 12-week aborted baby’s body said “the grace of God” changed her heart. Dr. Beverly McMillan of Pro-Life Mississippi shared her conversion story with One News Now this month while praising pro-life actions in her state.

Abortion Doc Has Change of Heart, Recognizes Humanity of the Unborn

Dr. Beverly McMillan is a former abortionist who left the abortion business. She spoke at a conference sponsored by the Pro-Life Action League called “Meet the Abortion Providers,” which took place in Chicago. She has also told her story to Focus on the Family, which published her testimony in a pamphlet called “How One Doctor Changed Her Mind on Abortion.”

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Saving Babies With Down Syndrome From Abortions

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signed a pro-life law last week to provide resources and encouragement to families of children with Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Information Act aims to combat the high abortion rate for unborn babies diagnosed with the genetic disorder by requiring medical facilities to provide information and support to parents facing the diagnosis, according to the Christian Post.