Joe Biden Attends Mass One Day After Celebrating Abortion

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Joe Biden Attends Mass One Day After Celebrating Abortion –

When it comes to abortion, Joe Biden is one of the least “faithful” Catholics, yet he continues to attend Mass despite his aggressive promotion of abortion. Last week, Biden condemned the Florida legislature for passing a bill to protect babies from late aboritons The bill would ban aboritons on babies after 15 weeks, but Biden, […]

Joe Biden Celebrates Abortion During State of the Union: Calls Killing Babies “Health Care” –

Joe Biden used the State of the Union to promote abortion and called the killing of 63 million unborn babies since Roe v. Wade “health care.” Although three is no right to abortion and ending the lives of babies before birth permanently deprives them of liberty and freedom, Biden said, “Advancing liberty and justice also […]

Catholic Priest Tells Joe Biden to Go to Confession After He Celebrates Abortion Again –

A Virginia Catholic priest told President Joe Biden to go to confession over the weekend after the president criticized Florida for passing a law to protect unborn babies from abortions. Despite claiming to be a devout Catholic, Biden defended the killing of unborn babies in abortions several times last week, including after the Florida legislature passed […]