Justice Department is Investigating Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Order That Killed 15,000 People

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Justice Department is Investigating Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Order That Killed 15,000 People

The Department of Justice sought more information Wednesday about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus nursing home order after his administration has repeatedly failed to produce an accurate number of nursing home deaths. The Democrat governor’s order has been widely considered to be disastrous because it placed COVID-19 patients with the elderly and people with disabilities, those most vulnerable and likely to die from the virus.

Andrew Cuomo: Criticism of My Order Killing Nursing Home Residents is “Just Political”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slammed a state legislative investigation Monday into his order requiring nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients, claiming it is “just political.” The pro-abortion Democrat governor has faced wide-spread criticism for the March order. New York has the highest COVID-19 death count and one of the highest death rates in the U.S.

Churchill: DOJ again targets Cuomo on nursing home numbers

ALBANY – The Justice Department is again requesting that New York provide data on COVID-19 deaths in the state’s nursing homes. But unlike its prior inquiry, the latest Justice Department request seeks data about more than 600 privately run nursing homes in New York, instead of just a handful of public facilities.

Hospitals gave Gov. Andrew Cuomo a campaign booster shot: Devine

It’s bad enough that Gov. Cuomo presided over the needless COVID-19 deaths of thousands of vulnerable people in New York nursing homes. It’s bad enough that he wrote a shameful book praising himself for his pandemic response and now is doing a victory lap of self-congratulation in the worst-hit state in the nation.

Here’s the Nursing Home Orders Democrat Governors Signed That Killed Thousands

Five pro-abortion Democrat governors put their most vulnerable residents’ lives at risk this spring when they forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients. Now, thousands of people are dead, and some are trying to cover up “what amounts to de facto death warrants” for the elderly and people with disabilities – those most vulnerable to COVID-19, Medium reports.

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