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Kamala Harris Makes False Claim That “Women Will Die” if Babies are Protected From Abortion

Kamala Harris Makes False Claim That “Women Will Die” if Babies are Protected From Abortion – LifeNews.com

Kamala Harris stirred up unfounded fears about abortion over the weekend, claiming “women will die” if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns or even weakens Roe v. Wade. It’s a claim abortion activists frequently make to stoke fears and garner support for legalized abortion on demand, but it has little basis in the truth.

Abortion Activist Admits: “When Abortion Is Illegal, Women Rarely Die” – LifeNews.com

Two pro-abortion research professors admitted in a roundabout way what pro-life advocates have been saying for years about the supposed dangers of illegal abortions. Abortion activists commonly claim that abortions must be legal and easily accessible, or women will die from dangerous back alley or do-it-yourself abortions.

Life begins at conception. Abortion is legalized murder.

Christine Hammett

Is a baby only real if he is wanted? Please, choose life! Chris Hammett is a pro-life blogger (Abolitionist Arise) and 40 Days for Life participant joining millions in praying for an end to abortion and for Personhood from conception until natural death. She is a prayer partner with ProLife Action Ministries. She lives in Central Florida and has been married for 40+ years. Owen Osvaldo (O.O.) is their first grandchild. She previously worked as a graphic and web designer with Empower Creative Services LLC. She is currently practicing wildlife photography. The photography page of this site features some of her images from Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive.

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