Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Want to Force Americans to Fund Abortions

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Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Want to Force Americans to Fund Abortions

Ignoring the majority of Americans, including many Democrats, who oppose taxpayer-funded abortions, House Democrats confirmed their plans this week to end the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to pay for the killing of unborn babies. The Washington Post reported about Democrat leaders’ plans, noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports ending the Hyde Amendment and U.S.

House Republicans Tell Nancy Pelosi: We Will Oppose Any Bill to Force Americans to Fund Abortions

Republicans in Congress told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday that they will stand up for the vast majority of Americans by opposing her plans to force taxpayers to fund abortions. The Republican lawmakers made their intentions to fight for the Hyde Amendment clear in a letter to Pelosi and U.S.

The progressive case for the Hyde Amendment

Since 1976 under President Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter The progressive case for the Hyde Amendment COVID-19 pork or more shots? Decoding the logo for the Office of Former President Trump MORE , all appropriations bills passed through Congress have come with a rider, the Hyde Amendment, which bans taxpayer funding of abortion.

Taxpayer Funding of Abortion and Abortion Businesses

Ever since the Supreme Court handed down its infamous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, legalizing abortion nationwide, a national debate has raged over whether the government should subsidize abortion, the legal practice of terminating the lives of unborn children in the womb.

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