New “Point System” Would Discriminate Against Elderly and Disabled Patients, Deny Them Ventilators

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New “Point System” Would Discriminate Against Elderly and Disabled Patients, Deny Them Ventilators

Reporting at David Wenner writes that a “point system” proposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health could leave an especially vulnerable population, people with disabilities, without the health care they need, when it comes to life-saving treatment for COVID-19. “Disability Rights Pennsylvania has filed a federal civil rights complaint,” the Philadelphia Inquirer added.

Investigative report: Disabled, elderly at ‘back of the line’ for COVID-19 care in at least 25 states

Some state guidelines said patients with cystic fibrosis shouldnt even be considered for ventilators; six states say hospitals should consider taking ventilators away from patients who rely on them in daily life if others need them more, a practice advocates say would discourage people with disabilities from even seeking treatment for COVID-19.

Have you witnessed discrimination against a person with a disability? We want to know. – Center for Public Integrity

The coronavirus poses many dangers for people with disabilities, especially if medical resources become overwhelmed and hospitals need to decide who gets ventilators. Policies in 25 states would ration care in ways disability advocates have denounced, a Center for Public Integrity analysis shows. Now, Public Integrity wants to make sure discrimination is brought to light.

State policies may send people with disabilities to the back of the line for ventilators – Center for Public Integrity

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