No Vote About Us Without Us

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No Vote About Us Without Us

This week, I participated in the Defenders of Life – Florida Freedom Rally in Tallahassee. One of our assignments as we sought to influence legislators and the public that abortion must be abolished in Florida, was to prepare a speech. Following is the video version of my speech as well as a longer written version.

SIGN THE PETITION – AbolishAbortionFlorida

Please sign the “Florida Petition to Abolish Abortion” below to demand that our Legislators pass bills of complete and total abolition of abortion — without exception — from the moment of conception. Abortion is the murder of an innocent human being, and it is time that the State of Florida treat is as murder.

BECOME A DEFENDER OF LIFE! – AbolishAbortionFlorida

Donations are always appreciated, but we actually need YOU!We need Christians to abolish abortion in Florida! Won’t you help us by volunteering to attend events and rallies in support of abolitionist bills, make phone calls, share posts, exhort your church to get involved, ask your local city council to become a sanctuary city for the preborn, and generally fight to defend ALL life?