Parler Adds 5 Million Users as Pro-life Conservatives Grow Tired of Twitter’s Censorship

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Parler Adds 5 Million Users as Pro-life Conservatives Grow Tired of Twitter’s Censorship

Pro-life advocates, tired of being censored on Facebook and Twitter, are moving to the new social media platform Parler in huge numbers. On Tuesday, Parler, which emphasizes free speech as its mission, announced that it gained 4.5 million new users since last week.

Facebook Censors Pro-Life Ad Exposing Biden and Harris Supporting Abortions Up to Birth

Facebook is censoring an advertisement from a pro-life group that exposes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for supporting abortions up to birth. The censorship comes days after Facebook censored a pro-life news story from exposing how Kamala Harris tried to put pro-life advocates in prison for uncovering how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted babies.

Facebook Blocks Pro-Life Pregnancy Center from Fundraising to Help Pregnant Women

An Illinois pro-life organization trying to raise money to help pregnant women and babies is being censored on Facebook. The Federalist reports the social media giant rejected the fundraising ad from Illinois Right to Life this fall, claiming it violates its advertising policy.

Twitter Censors President Trump 111 Times, Joe Biden 0

Through its rampant censorship, Twitter has done its best to silence President Donald Trump. However, neither former Vice President Joe Biden nor his campaign have received any labels or filters of any kind. Election Day brought with it a huge spike in Twitter’s censorship.

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