Patients Should Beware of Canada’s Euthanasia Philosophy

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Patients Should Beware of Canada’s Euthanasia Philosophy

Professor Margaret Somerville taught medical law and ethics for nearly 40 years at McGill University in Canada. Few people are better qualified to comment on Canada’s embrace of euthanasia… After having spent most of your professional life in Canada, you must have a special insight into its cultural tectonics.

Does It Matter How We Die? Ethical and Legal Issues Raised by Combining Euthanasia and Organ Transplantation – Margaret Somerville,

If, in jurisdictions with legalized euthanasia, obtaining organs for transplant from euthanized people is allowed, must their organs be taken only after death or should euthanasia be allowed to be performed by removal of vital organs? Asked another way, if “Donation after Death” is practiced, why not “Death by Donation?”

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