Pregnant Mom Diagnosed With Cancer Refuses Abortion, She and Her Baby Survive

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Pregnant Mom Diagnosed With Cancer Refuses Abortion, She and Her Baby Survive

Consiglia Varriale was willing to sacrifice her life for her unborn daughter when doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer earlier this year. Though her doctors advised her to have an abortion, Varriale could not bear the thought of ending her daughter’s life, Aleteia reports.

Mom Battling Cancer Refuses Abortion to Give Birth to Healthy Baby

If Stacey Johnson had listened to her first doctor, her son William would not be alive today. Diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant, the Leawood, Kansas mother was told to consider aborting her unborn son, CNN reports. Instead, she got a second opinion.

Hundreds of People Mourn Mom With Cancer Who Refused Abortion to Save Her Baby

Hundreds of people, including actress Kate Winslet, gathered Tuesday to mourn for a young mother who sacrificed her life for her unborn daughter. Gemma Nuttall, 29, of Accrington, Lancashire, England, died Oct. 14 after a five-year battle with cancer, the Daily Mail reports. When she was diagnosed in 2013, Nuttall was pregnant with her daughter, Penelope.

Study: Pregnant Women Don’t Need Abortion to Treat Cancer

A new collection of studies and medical data from The Lancet, a prominent British medical journal, shows pregnant women don’t need to have an abortion in order to get treatment for cancer. The information shows chemo treatment does not harm the unborn baby and mothers can treat themselves for cancer without worrying about effects on the unborn child.

Study Finds Cancer Treatment Doesn’t Harm Unborn Baby, Pregnant Women Advised Not to Abort

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that cancer treatments do not harm unborn children. The researchers wrote, “Prenatal exposure to maternal cancer with or without treatment did not impair the cognitive, cardiac, or general development of children in early childhood.