President Trump Promises To Nominate New Supreme Court Justice “Without Delay”

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President Trump Promises To Nominate New Supreme Court Justice “Without Delay”

President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he will nominate a new Supreme Court justice to replace recently-deceased pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “without delay.”

President Trump Releases List of Potential Supreme Court Nominees Filled With Pro-Life Rock Stars

President Donald Trump today released a list of potential Supreme Court nominees from which he would nominate any future judges on the nation’s highest court if he is re-elected to a second term. The list includes the kind of conservative jurists pro-life groups support because they have a history of upholding pro-life legislation or following the rule of law rather than legislating from the bench.

Mitch McConnell: President Trump’s Nominee “Will Receive a Vote on the Floor of the Senate”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said directly on Friday night after Justice Ruth Ginsburg passed away that President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court will receive a vote in the Senate. Yesterday, pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died of metastatic pancreatic cancer at age 87.

I’m Voting for President Donald Trump!

Target: President Trump Region: United States of America Website: President Donald Trump has been dedicated to advancing pro-life principles as president. In one of his first acts as president, Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits taxpayer funding to groups that promote or provide abortions overseas.