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Pro-Life UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Will Launch Presidential Campaign

Pro-Life UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Will Launch Presidential Campaign –

Nikki Haley, the pro-life former UN ambassador and South Carolina governor, will launch a presidential campaign later this month. She joins former President Donald trump as the only two officially announced candidates seeking the Republican nomination to take on pro-abortion activist Joe Biden. Haley will launch her candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination on February […]

Gov. Nikki Haley Launches Investigation of Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics After Shock Videos –

Following shocking videos showing the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling aborted babies and their body parts, pro-life South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has launched an official investigation. The state is one of 12 that have officially launched investigations while other states have de-funded Planned Parenthood.

Inspections Catch South Carolina Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Breaking State Law –

After South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ordered an investigation of abortion clinics in the state following a national scandal involving Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies and their body parts, state health officials have found multiple violations. Haley said on Friday an investigation she ordered had found violations of laws or regulations by all three abortion […]

Pro-Life Governor Nikki Haley Will Deliver Republican Response to Obama’s State of the Union –

Governor Nikki Haley, the pro-life Republican governor of South Carolina, will deliver the Republican response to pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address next week. Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chose Haley for the difficult task of responding of the president.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Was Unwaveringly Pro-Life, Took on Abortion at the United Nations –

I have felt the privilege, the honor and the heartbreak of being a representative for the cause of life on behalf of National Right to Life at the United Nations since 1993. In that quarter-century, I suffered through the Clinton years when pro-abortion zealots the likes of Bella Abzug were leading the American delegation, and […]

Life begins at conception. Abortion is legalized murder.

Christine Hammett

Is a baby only real if he is wanted? Please, choose life! Chris Hammett is a pro-life blogger (Abolitionist Arise) and 40 Days for Life participant joining millions in praying for an end to abortion and for Personhood from conception until natural death. She is a prayer partner with ProLife Action Ministries. She lives in Central Florida and has been married for 40+ years. Owen Osvaldo (O.O.) is their first grandchild. She previously worked as a graphic and web designer with Empower Creative Services LLC. She is currently practicing wildlife photography. The photography page of this site features some of her images from Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive.

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