Protesters at Joe Biden’s Church Tell Him: “No Devout Catholic Supports Abortion”

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Protesters at Joe Biden’s Church Tell Him: “No Devout Catholic Supports Abortion”

Three pro-life Catholic protesters stood outside Joe Biden’s Delaware church Sunday to call him out for supporting abortion on demand. The Democrat presidential candidate has been talking about his Catholic faith often on the campaign trail, saying he cares “for the least of these” and wants to create unity in America.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the Most Anti-Catholic Ticket in History

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is trying to appeal to Catholic voters by touting himself as a devout Catholic who believes in loving “your neighbor as yourself” and protecting “the least of these.” But his increasingly radical pro-abortion policies and his choice of Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate contradict the faith to which he professes.

Joe Biden Claims: Catholic Doctrine and My Pro-Abortion Views “Coincide”

Joe Biden tried to appeal to religious voters again Monday with a campaign ad claiming his political views, which include supporting abortion on demand, “coincide” with his Catholic faith. The Democratic presidential candidate has faced on-going criticism for his contradictory views about faith, family and religious freedom.

Biden claims his politics and Catholic faith ‘coincide’, despite abortion and religious freedom policies

In a new video, released on the eve of the general election, Biden asserts that he has the “great advantage” of his religious and political beliefs aligning, despite his support for state-funded abortion and his opposition to several legal protections for religious freedom.