Salon op-ed claims some humans aren’t persons, so it is ‘ethical’ to kill them

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Salon op-ed claims some humans aren’t persons, so it is ‘ethical’ to kill them

A pro-abortion physician and a professor have levied an attack on the pro-life argument in Salon, calling it “weak.” The authors – Dr. Nathan Nobis, an associate professor at Morehouse College, and Dr. Jonathan Dudley, a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins – assert that abortion advocates need to be comfortable making an “ethical” case in support of abortion in order to counter pro-life arguments.

Ableism helped pave the way for legalized abortion and remains a factor today

( Medium) To be truly pro-life is to value everyone. People are valuable not because of what we can do but because of what we are: human beings. For pro-lifers, people are not judged by how attractive they are, how wealthy they are, or how useful they are to others.

The Fundamental Question of the Abortion Debate: A Response to Nathan Nobis – NRL News Today

By Dr. Steve Jacobs Editor’s note. This guest blog appeared Monday on the blog of Secular Pro-Life and is reposted with permission. In 2019, my research on biologists’ understanding of when life begins gained media attention. [Read SPL’s overview of Dr. Jacobs’s research here.]

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