Texas Has Become the First State in America to Ban Abortions

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Texas Has Become the First State in America to Ban Abortions – LifeNews.com

Texas just became the first state in nearly 50 years to be allowed to protect unborn babies by banning almost all abortions. On Wednesday, the state heartbeat law went into effect, prohibiting abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy.

Texas Ban on Most Abortions Takes Effect After Supreme Court Doesn’t Intervene

A Texas law that bans most abortions went into effect on Sept. 1 after the Supreme Court didn’t respond to an emergency motion that asked it to block the law. Senate Bill 8 bars doctors from performing abortions unless they have tried to detect a fetal heartbeat and been unable to do so.

What You Need to Know About the Texas Heartbeat Act

Starting September 1, 2021, the Texas Heartbeat Act will protect every preborn baby in Texas whose heartbeat is detectable! Here is everything you need to kn…

Texas Will Spend $100 Million to Help Pregnant Women, Save Babies From Abortion – LifeNews.com

Texas lawmakers are investing in support for mothers and babies as they work to end abortions throughout the state. On April 22, the state House approved a $20 million increase in funding for pregnancy centers, adoption agencies and maternity homes that provide free services to families in need, according to Texas Right to Life.