The Church at Planned Parenthood


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What’s Right About “The Church At Planned Parenthood”?

  1. Takes the Bushel off our light
  2. The Worship is Non-Confrontational Spiritual Warfare
  3. It’s Simply Church. We are Good at Having Church.
  4. It’s Doing More. We’ve got to put Legs to our Faith.
  5. Shows a Deep Care and Concern for this Holocaust
  6. Raises Money for the Cause
  7. Unifies the True Church Confronting the Evil of our Day
  8. The Gospel is Preached Outdoors
  9. Not much Time or Commitment (Once a Month)
  10. Puts the Church out Front at the Gates of Hell
  11. Shows Repentance for America’s Sin
  12. Possesses a Wesley/Whitefield-Like Revival Spirit
  13. It’s a Move of God
  14. Creates a Toughness. Gets us out of the Soft Pews and Into the Elements
  15. Provides a Conscience for the City, Church and Planned Parenthood

Michele Urbain Herzog is with Amber Jewelweed and 12 others.

Favorites  · tMarcmmh 5 fcaat 12pam9o:u54o310r27 07PM  · Oh Hallejuah!! A baby was just saved!!! The abortion bound mama watched all of us during TCAPP (The Church at Planned Parenthood), and shortly after, while some stayed behind to worship and speak up for those who have no voice…..she came down, after Amber prompted her to speak with us……and after about five minutes she said…..”I’ve changed my mind”! GLORY!!!!!Sandra gave her booties and a cap, and plans are made for lunch on Monday!!!Can we shout Hallejuah???