The Next America with Jaco Booyens

The Next America with Jaco Booyens

America is the “leading nation selling children for sex” and Jaco Booyens is on the front lines to help make trafficking UNTHINKABLE. Our hope is that you wi…


Growing up in South Africa, Ilonka’s journey led her to the U.S. to devote her life and voice to ministry. Held in a sexual slavery bondage in South Africa for 5 years through the threat of her and her family’s life, she is now rescued, redeemed and set free, and is a healthy, full of life, complete women in Jesus Christ.

The Lifeboat Project

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Interested in how you can help? The Lifeboat Project aims to meet survivors right where they are in a housing first human rights-based approach providing wrap-around services that encompass and fulfil their lifelong needs. Click here to find out how you can get involved.