Unborn Babies are Human Beings Who Have a Right to Live

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Unborn Babies are Human Beings Who Have a Right to Live

Human embryos and fetuses are living human organisms. They are members of the species Homo sapiens at the earliest stages of their lives. But many people believe that these human beings in utero do not have a right to life. Why not? Because they are different from the rest of us in some way that (allegedly) matters.

Personhood: An Essential Characteristic of the Human Species

This essay postulates that human social order recognizes the personhood of human beings within two competing constructs-an existential construct that personhood is a state of being inherent and essential to the human species, and a relational construct that personhood is a conditional state of value defined by society.


The Personhood Alliance is a group of independent Christian pro-life organizations who defend human personhood, from conception to natural death, no exceptions.

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