Urgent message to all LifeSite readers

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Urgent message to all LifeSite readers

November 28, 2020 ( LifeSiteNews) – This is an updated version of the critical note published at the top of yesterday’s LifeSite Daily News email. Unfortunately, those notes are only seen by subscribers to our email sends. All other visitors to LifeSite do not see the notes.

COVID-19: Americans are in “delusional psychosis” and policing each other, psychiatrist warns

November 28, 2020 ( LifeSiteNews) – America is on the verge of being “lost” because many of its citizens are suffering from a “delusional psychosis” and so fearful that they are turning on each other to enforce “nonsensical” coronavirus restrictions, a California psychiatrist has warned. “We don’t need a police force.

BREAKING: YouTube deletes LifeSite video, shuts down channel for one week

The offending video was nothing more than an audio presentation of comments made originally by Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a distinguished medical doctor and medical director of Western Medical Assessments. Hodkinson is the former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada Examination Committee and Pathology in Ottawa.

World Health Org. flip-flops again, calls lockdowns a ‘ghastly global catastrophe’

In an interview hosted by the British magazine The Spectator, special envoy of the WHO Dr. David Nabarro, said lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.

‘Brilliant and brave’: Pro-life leaders praise Trump for halting World Health Org funding

April 15, 2020 ( LifeSiteNews) ― Pro-life leaders around the world have expressed their joy following President Donald Trump’s suspension of American funding of the World Helath Organization. In London, England, John Smeaton, Director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), told LifeSiteNews that the decision was “brilliant and brave.”

Johns Hopkins University academic: CDC data shows COVID hasn’t increased US death rate

WASHINGTON D.C, November 27, 2020 ( LifeSiteNews) – Using statistical analysis, a senior lecturer from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has demonstrated that COVID-19 has resulted in no excess deaths, yet the university has censored the article online.