What is 2,363?

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Where Are Our Children? | What is 2363? | What You’re About To Watch Is An Experiment

What’s the leading cause of death for children in America? You may be surprised when you find out. It takes 2,363 lives daily, but it’s rarely talked about. …

2,363 – Will you fight for the 2,363?

Never Forgotten. But there is hope. Once people discover the truth about abortion, hearts and minds change. Sharing this video will help build a culture that protects and embraces life. We created the 2,363 campaign to equip you with the tools needed to educate others and motivate your friends and family to fight for our children.

Learn About the Problem

At the moment of fertilization, the entire genetic makeup of a unique human being is formed – this includes sex, eye color, and other traits. The difference between someone at fertilization, four months in utero, two years old, 17, 35, and 80 is development, aided by nutrition and time.

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