You Can’t be a Christian and Vote for Joe Biden Because He’s Radically Pro-Abortion

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You Can’t be a Christian and Vote for Joe Biden Because He’s Radically Pro-Abortion

The Democrats Zoomed an entirely predictable political kabuki last night. Catholics for Biden, they called it, where the game was not to mention the unborn child. Only one of them did, the Nun from the Bus, Sister Simone Campbell, whose grinning and mugging for the camera was supposed to come off cute but achieved mostly a kind of weirdness.

Joe Biden Starts “Catholics for Biden” Group, But He Supports Abortions Up to Birth

Joe Biden’s campaign launched a new “Catholics for Biden-Harris” group Thursday to support their presidential run. A pro-abortion Democrat, Biden continues to face criticism for supporting abortions “under any circumstances” and promising to force nuns and American taxpayers to pay for them in clear violation of Catholic Church teachings about the sanctity of life.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the Most Anti-Catholic Ticket in History

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is trying to appeal to Catholic voters by touting himself as a devout Catholic who believes in loving “your neighbor as yourself” and protecting “the least of these.” But his increasingly radical pro-abortion policies and his choice of Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate contradict the faith to which he professes.

We Can’t Vote for Pro-Abortion Joe Biden

Target: Joe Biden Region: United States of America Website: As pro-life Americans, we can’t vote for Joe Biden, because he is pro-abortion. Biden would advance abortion as president. The Democrat presidential candidate now supports forcing taxpayers to pay for elective abortions.