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Gretchen Whitmer Wants You to Vote for Joe Biden so America Has More Abortions

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Gretchen Whitmer Thinks We Need to Promote Killing More Babies in Abortions

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Ohio’s ‘Issue 1’ amendment could allow abortion up to birth for any reason

Ohio’s ‘Issue 1’ amendment could allow abortion up to birth for any reason On November 7, Ohio will vote on Issue

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Sidewalk counselor left with broken leg after Michigan abortionist runs him over… twice

“Once I’m all done with this whole ordeal, I will continue to go back and continue ministering. I feel God called me to do this,” he said. “I’m moving forward and telling people that I do forgive this gentleman for his actions, as a believer in Jesus Christ, but I do want to see justice prevail. I don’t consider myself a hero of any kind. Keep up the fight for life, and remember that God has not given us a spirit of fear.”

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Michigan Legalizes Abortions Up to Birth After Leftist Billionaires Spend Millions Buying Votes

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Michigan abortion amendment paves way for child sterilization, ‘right’ to transition: legal experts

Michigan Proposal 3, Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative (2022)

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