Joe Biden Names Abortion Activist Ron Klain as His Chief of Staff Should He Win

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Joe Biden Names Abortion Activist Ron Klain as His Chief of Staff Should He Win

Ronald Klain, a pro-abortion Democrat fixture since the Clinton administration, will be Joe Biden’s White House Chief of Staff, should he be the confirmed winner. NPR reports the Biden campaign announced Klain for the position Wednesday, further signaling Biden’s commitment to abortion on demand. Klain has been involved in the Democrat political establishment for four decades.

Presumptive Biden Chief of Staff called himself a ‘soldier’ in NARAL’s pro-abortion ‘army’

Joe Biden has named Ronald Klain as presumptive White House Chief of Staff should Biden be certified as the President-elect in coming days, despite potential legal challenges. The move comes just days after Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, tweeted her support.

Joe Biden Promises to Reverse Trump’s Pro-Life Executive Orders, Force Americans to Fund Abortion

Americans can expect to be forced to send hundreds of millions of tax dollars to pro-abortion groups if Joe Biden is confirmed to be the winner of the White House. Biden, a pro-abortion Democrat, promised to reverse President Donald Trump’s progress for life when he takes office, including ending the Mexico City Policy and restoring Title X funds to Planned Parenthood.

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