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EXCLUSIVE: She Survived a Death Camp. Facing Biden DOJ Charges, She Is Prepared to Die in Prison

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New Defense Spending Bill Allows Biden to Make Americans Fund Abortion Travel

“This is about not forcing the taxpayers of this country to fund abortion: that’s been a bipartisan consensus for more

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Five Babies Were Killed in Infanticides or Late-Term Abortions. They Deserve Justice

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Project Veritas uncovers Planned Parenthood arranging secret out-of-state abortions

🚨BREAKING PART ONE🚨 MOM CAN’T KNOW: Planned Parenthood (@PPFA) Transports Minors Across State Lines for Secret Abortions “We never tell

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Trump Vows to Defend Pro-Life Christians Targeted by FBI, Justice Department

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Elon Musk Condemns Population Control, Complains How Unborn Children “Have No Voice”

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Live Action president Lila Rose to UN: ‘Abortion is a contradiction of every human right’

.@LilaGraceRose drops the truth at the United Nations “If human rights do not apply to human life in the womb,

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Donald Trump: Democrats are Abortion Radicals, “They Allow the Killing of Babies” Up to Birth

Trump calls DeSantis’ heartbeat protections for unborn babies “a terrible thing” and a “terrible mistake.” Won’t commit to national 15

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