Now More Than Ever Election Security and Election Integrity Are Necessary

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Now More Than Ever Election Security and Election Integrity Are Necessary | American Center for Law and Justice

Now more than ever, states face questions regarding election integrity, election security, and the possibility of election fraud. Such questions justifiably create a crisis of legitimacy for the government.

States Must Investigate Fraud And Choose Electors Accordingly

Since Election Day, three distinct concerns have called into question the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election: fraud, the security of voting machines and software, and violations of state election codes. A series of court cases filed by President Donald Trump and his voters seek judicial intervention to true the vote, but with limited success.

Rudy Giuliani and Trump Campaign’s Legal Team Hold Press Conference 11/19/20

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Defend the Constitution and the Integrity of This Election | American Center for Law and Justice

We MUST defend the Constitution and the integrity of this election. At the ACLJ, we believe that voting is not only your constitutional right, but it is also both a civic and a sacred duty. As Americans, we live in a nation where we have both the right and the responsibility to select our leaders.

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