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Teen actress with Down syndrome makes big screen debut in ‘Hunger Games’

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A teen with Down syndrome who gained notoriety seven years ago for the inspirational message she shared in a viral video is serving as an inspiration once again, as she makes her big-screen debut.

Sofia Sanchez, age 14, is a freshman in high school. But unlike most ninth graders, she’s also authored two books and has a role in the upcoming film, “Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.” Sofia, who was adopted as a baby from Ukraine and also has a brother with Down syndrome, has worked for years to bring awareness and fight for inclusion in the Down syndrome community. Her children’s books are titled, “You are Enough” and “You are Loved.”

In the video that went viral on social media in 2017, Sofia’s mom Jennifer Varanini Sanchez asked her daughter, “Is Down syndrome in your blood?”

“Yeah,” Sofia responded. “Does it make your blood special?” “Yeah!” “Is Down syndrome scary?,” Jennifer asked. “No, it’s not scary,” Sofia replied.

Teen Who Went Viral for Down Syndrome Video Now in ‘Hunger Games’ Film

Sofia Sanchez is 14 years old and a successful model, actress and author of two children’s books. Seven years ago she appeared in an inspiring video.

“She’s a great representative and I always say she speaks for those who can’t speak,” her mother Jennifer said. “So it’s kind of a cool spot to be in now. It just kind of fell into our laps with that viral video that went so wild.”

Sofia is now on a world tour promoting the new “Hunger Games” movie, where she plays the character of Wovey. “She’s from District 8 and her superpower is hiding, but she’s brave as well, like me,” she told Inside Edition.

“It’s so awesome. It’s my dream come true, seeing my best time, seeing myself on the big screen,” she added.

Jennifer said she’s proud of the way Sofia is working for inclusion for those with Down syndrome.

“Obviously I’m so proud as her mother. But I’m also just really excited for the community of Down syndrome and the awareness that she’s brought, and just the inspiration she’s given other families,” she said. “She’s a great advocate, she’s a great representative, and I always say she speaks for those who can’t speak.”

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