The Final Fight for Freedom is Raging

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The Final Fight for Freedom is raging

Don’t stand by while the civil rights of the next generation of Americans are erased. Join The Final Fight for Freedom and to get your free copy of Students …

Two young women drive antiabortion movement’s revival

Most people their age don’t know their Roes from their Wades. But on the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that extended privacy rights to include a woman’s decision to have an abortion, Kristan Hawkins, 28, and Lila Rose, 25, are central players in the antiabortion movement’s resurgence.


Watching this video just changed my entire perspective on abortion. I can’t believe this is how it really happens.- Z.B., viewed a Live Action Abortion Procedures video Glad I saw your videos. I was pro-choice, but now I’m horrified!- Eric, Georgia Wow I never knew abortions were like that.