40 Days for Life

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Federal Bureau of Investigation40 Days for LifeFreedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) ActLegalLifeNewsLive Action NewsMark HouckPressProLifeSidewalk Counseling

FBI Charges 8 Pro-Life Advocates, They Could Face Decade in Prison for Saving Babies

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Pinned Down. Forced to Abort

Nichole spent the two-hour drive to her abortion appointment hoping somebody would stop her. Nobody did. It wasn’t until she was lying

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State of the Union40 Days for LifeFederal Bureau of InvestigationFreedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) ActJoe BidenLegalLifeNewsMark HouckPoliticsPressProLife

Mark Houck Will Attend State of the Union to Celebrate Victory Over Joe Biden’s Persecution

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Comstock Act of 1873#stopabortionrx40 Days for LifeAbortionLegalLifeNewsLifeSite NewsLive Action NewsPetitionPillsPoliticsPressProLifeRepublicansVoter VoiceWalgreens and CVS Petition

Pro-Life Americans Protest Walgreens, CVS Stores Nationwide: Stop Selling Abortion Pills

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Mark HouckFamilyFederal Bureau of InvestigationFreedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) ActJoe BidenLegalLifeNewsPoliticsPressProLifeSteve BannonWar Room

Mark Houck Will File lawsuit Against FBI for Politically Targeting His Family

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40 Days for LifeFederal Bureau of InvestigationLegalProLifeSidewalk CounselingThe Thomas More Society

BREAKING: 40DFL Volunteer Raided by FBI Acquitted!

40 Days for Life volunteer Mark Houck first called us in October 2021 after an altercation with a pro-abortion escort

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LifeSite News40 Days for LifeAbortionBanDobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationFederal CourtsPressProLifeRoe V WadeSupreme Court

LIVE UPDATES: Most abortions are banned in 13 states, more states to follow

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