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Every Month, Seven Babies Are Born Alive in Abortions and Left to Die in Australia

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Robin Miraculously Survived Three Abortions Meant to Kill Her

“I have survived not one, not two, but three saline infusion abortion attempts.” Thank you Robin for sharing your story

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Arizona Gov Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill to Stop Infanticide, Provide Care for Babies Who Survive Abortions

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Pro-Life Advocates Protest Walgreens Shareholder Meeting, Tell Drug Store to Stop Selling Abortion Pills

Other organizers for the anti-abortion Walgreens Shareholder Protest at Pelican Hill Resort included Survivors LA & California Family Council (in

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No Baby is Unplanned

I’ve watched, waited, and prayed counting in disbelief along with Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) as Democrats stall thirty times

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